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Home-Like Hair Salon Interior in Barcelona, Spain

Barber Area for Hair Salon

When you go to a hair salon, you do not want to be like in strange place. You want to feel like you are home. This is the point of IL SALONE. This is a beautifully-designed hair salon located in Barcelona, Spain. In this hair salon, you will see a lot of stuff that are similar to what you find at home. Yes, the essential point clearly made by the salon owner is to remind the guests and customers of home lounge so that they can feel like home. This salon is the creation of dynamic duo, Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo from Egue y Seta. Below you will find more information about IL SALONE’s home-like interior design.
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Redesign Hair Salon Store Concept

Modern Barbershop Design

Have you heard about Daniel Hershesons? If you haven’t heard about it, then this can be your source of good news. Hershesons is a well-known for its hair salon retailing which located in London. This hair salon throw away its image of traditional hair salon retailing and now it just opened and introduced you for it’s newly redesign hair salon store concept. The shifting of its image is all to provide better experience for the customers.
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Modern Spiral Staircase and Straight Staircase Design

What staircases type that you want now, whether it is the type of spiral, straight or sculpture? before deciding, look at the shape design of your home, ask for professional advice about what type of staircases that is most suitable for connecting one floor to another floor. Or you can also make the 10 staircases ideas below as a reference for you to bring into your home design. Check this out.
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Best Minimalist Kitchen Layout Photos

This an example of the kitchen layout with a clean minimalist design, the layout is simple with subtle aesthetics and soft colors. This kitchen design is the result of collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina which emphasizes the significant changes from previous designs. If you are a lover of minimalist style, you’ll regret it if you missed it.
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Kitchen Herb Plant Pot

Lets decor our kitchen with something fresh and alive. Freshness of the kitchen will make the room feel more refreshed. Meal will also feel fresh. Then what is the most appropriate decorative elements to bring that freshness… Hmm how about this herb pot. From Sagaform, this cute pot is able to sustain three fresh plant at once, place on the corner of the kitchen table, and feel … fresh ..
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Best Small Barbershop Interior Decor

Barbershop Interior Decor

If you are a man and currently searching for a modern style yet still has a simple look for hair grooming experience in New York City, then Harry’s Corner Shop Barbershop is definitely your answer. Located in MacDougal Street, this barbershop offers you a wide variety of products and services. Unlike other barbershops which have different area for different treatment, in Harry’s corner shop barbershops, every hair treatment is done simply in one area. What makes it becomes your first list to go for barbershop is it has an ease access to get everything done. Here are 4 main aspects why you should visit Harry’s corner barbershop:
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Chic Hair Do Hair Salon Interior

Comfortable Hair Salon Interior

Are you currently staying in Japan and looking for a retreat place? Then, you may consider visiting hairdo hair salon by Ryo Matsui Architects. This hair salon is located in the residential area of Chiba, Japan. There are reasons why you should put hair do hair salon by ryo matsui architects on your next to go list.
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Interior Design Salon That Can Evoke Your Nostalgia

The name Granny F. Salon is such a tricky when you first hear it. Is it a salon dedicated only for our grannies? Apparently, no! Although it’s more than okay to ask our grannies to come here and get some styling done. The name itself is more like representing the overall concept of the salon’s interior design. Yep! It is one of the salons which have unique design, barely found the similar one in everywhere but Aichi, Japan, designed artistically by Hiroyuki Miyake to bring back the old memory to its customers. Here, we’re going to mention the points which terrifically emphasize the Granny F. salon’s interior design.
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Modern Black and White Hair Salon in London

Barbershop Hair Cut Area Salon

Interior design of a hair salon should not always follow how to majority of them go. Break the rule and go for something different often attract more people attention. While designing a salon using modern and contemporary style is very common. You might choose other style such as classical or traditional style. Even though each of interior design style has its own good points but many hair salons have used those kinds of style. Hence, it is not special anymore if you also use that. If you are brave enough, you can try more sophisticated interior designed like Fudge Pop-up hair salon which is designed by Zaha Hadid.
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Stunning Clean White Color Hair Salon Interior in London

White Salon Interior Decor

Both man and woman have their special date or day to cut their hair or just apply some styles. Perhaps giving hair treatments is what some women love to do. With so many beauty salons or hairdresser shop are available on special districts or malls or department stores, each of us has the chance to change our look, starting from the hair exactly. And this is the best news—salon with celebrities as their loyal customers would increase the popularity. People are willing to spend their time on the salon just to make them ‘look like celebrity.’ Once a salon is visited by a celebrity, you know, people would think the salon is noteworthy.
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