1,200Sqf Salon Design in New York

1,200 Sqf Salon Design

Blow salon is one of hair salons you can find in New York. This salon decoration comes from Sheridan & Co group. This salon is also the retail store from hair and beauty treatment products. So, besides giving your hair treatment, they also provide you some products for your hair. Well, this salon will give you the blowout experience ever.

New York Salon Design

So, what are some features of this salon design? Let this article review about them for you. There will be best references you can take for your salon design ideas. Check reading below!

Interior Arrangement

First of all, let’s talk about the arrangement of its interior design. This salon places some bookshelves and showcases. Those showcases provide you their hair treatment products on the line. So, the visitor will find comprehensive products there. Besides that, they also make you easier to find some products you want.

Talking about the interior style, actually their team designs it with metropolitan look. You will feel like shopping in the mall. You will really get sophisticated and confidence to seek your hair care products. Besides that, the interior part is really designed by fresh and bright style. It has clean and stylish decoration. The interior area really shows the salon concept as well which make the customer easier to find what they want.

Blow Salon Glass Door

Strong Visual Language

Besides stylish interior design, they have strong visual language for the customers. You will find it through the salon finishes and materials. This salon interior is designed by using deep grained veneer on the wall. There is also sandblasted wenge decoration that creates the rich texture. It really creates the contrast of traditional design by brown bricks. That’s why we can say that it has modern design and decoration.

Blow Salon Product Display

Besides that, 1,200 square foot salon will be also available for you. It is dominated by white and pink logo graphic on the window. You also need to know that the wall is also designed by back painted and corian glass. Those designs really bring the modernity concept.

Well, you will also find the bar concept on the area where they can cut your hair. There is also the curved desk of receptionist with the wider space. Then, you can also find some bar chairs that will make you like waiting the service in the bar. It really offers you cool work.

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