450 m2 Bathroom Showroom Design for Retail

bathroom interior design

The showroom of Barcelona Neoceram recently renovated, now displays its own space for signature products bathroom Ideal Standard. The concept of this new showroom has been designed by interior and Ismael Caballero Maribel Barajas, Circle Square. Neoceram is a family business for over 35 years to the distribution of ceramic tile high range as well as other natural products: mud, slate, tumbled marble and other natural stones. Account for this, an exhibition of 450 m2 has been remodeled by interior designers and Ismael Caballero Maribel Barajas, Square Circle. Ideal Standard features in this space several unified bathroom environments in shades and finishes. The project base is black, the color of the new corporate image for Ideal Standard and hallmark of these new outlets. The materials used-iron, glass and laminated board-seeking have been combined role of sanitary parts exposed. This is aided by precise lighting effect that creates an evocative play of light and shadows. With this collaboration, Ideal Standard affects its strategy to showcase their products directly, both the professional and end user. For this reason, is taking place in Spain, an open work spaces dedicated exclusively to their libraries. This is the second personal space that opened in Barcelona, and the third in Spain.


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