775 sqf Minimalist Tsuchihashi House

Tsuchihashi House Design

Minimalist home decoration lover will like Tsuchihashi House. This is a minimalist house which designed by the famous Kazuyo Sejima. The house is located in Tokyo, Japan. For you who have limited area for your house, Tsuchihashi can inspire you because it’s sits on small area wide 775 square. Tsuchihashi has a transparent lower level in order to get more natural sun light.

The space is quite transparent and the dominant color you can find for the wall and the floor is white. If usual house will have different rooms in one level of house, you can see it vertically in Tsuchihashi House. In this house, each level is separated by function. You will see the living room in the basement, where you meet and greet with the guests and family. The kitchen and dining room is one level up on the ground floor.

The owner sleeps in the bedroom on the upper floors. You can see the whole house from the bed room. Each level of the room is equipped with limited and minimalist theme equipments. Stair constructions are clearly visible here. People in the bedroom can see what people in the kitchen do. It’s like no privacy between people in the house it’s so transparent but yet amazing.

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