Best Modern Wooden Restaurant Interior Concept

modern wooden restaurant interior

One thing we always pay attention to when we are having a diner in a restaurant is the room interior. Like it or not, sometimes we judge the interior and determine whether we want to come again to the restaurant or not based on the interior design. We often choose a restaurant for our gathering event based on the interior, so interior is having a crucial role selling. Bar Agricole understands that and they pointed Aidlin Darling Design as the interior designer and it is proven than they were not making any mistake with the James Beard Award that is given to Bar Agricole.

Bar Agricole Restaurant Interior_2

Not only the interior is so stunning, but also the materials that are used in the rooms are mostly recycled materials. It makes the restaurant very environment friendly. When we are talking about recycled material, we don’t have to worry to find a pan hanged as a chandelier replacement.

Bar Agricole Restaurant Interior_4

When visiting the bar, our vision will be served with two dominating color, one side of the room is using brown wooden panels and another side of the room is using clean white wall. If we pay attention to the wooden panel on the wall, we won’t be able to find a smooth panel because it is made in block texture that make the room modern yet comfortable and warm.

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The restaurant is divided into some rooms, indoor, outdoor, and bar. The entire rooms are given wooden touch that combine modernity and natural atmosphere. Simplicity is the concept of the furniture. Most of the furniture is made from wood with simple cutting. In the indoor dining room, we don’t need to expect chandelier, but we will be stunned with a huge light that is covered by flowing white fabric that give feminine touch on the room. From the restaurant, we can see clearly that modernity can be exposed with wooden material.

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