Best Small Barbershop Interior Decor

Barbershop Interior Decor

If you are a man and currently searching for a modern style yet still has a simple look for hair grooming experience in New York City, then Harry’s Corner Shop Barbershop is definitely your answer. Located in MacDougal Street, this barbershop offers you a wide variety of products and services. Unlike other barbershops which have different area for different treatment, in Harry’s corner shop barbershops, every hair treatment is done simply in one area. What makes it becomes your first list to go for barbershop is it has an ease access to get everything done. Here are 4 main aspects why you should visit Harry’s corner barbershop:

Detail Decorative for Small Salon

– Cozy waiting room corner

When you first enter to this barbershop corner, you will be greeted by a wall painting with hairy elephant picture on it. This painting is reminding the customers about an event called as “Novembeard” or “Movember” which celebrated in every November. This event aims to remind the man to be grateful by growing their facial hair as an act to grow awareness towards testicular and prostate cancer.

Small Barbershop Interior Decor

– Affordable price and Ease access

One of the facilities that being offered by Harry’s corner barbershop is its superior quality through online and offline experiences with an affordable price. For you who are staying in New York Area, you are able to book a prior appointment by contacting the customer service through the online sites before you visit this barbershop.

– Nice product collection on the display cabinets

The customers will think that all of the furniture inside this hair salon is used for aesthetic value for the sake of interior design only. In fact, almost all products being published in the display cabinet is for sale purpose. By visiting this area, not only a simple grooming experience but also the customers are able to look around the product collections of grooming good from several brands such as Hanes, Makr and Harry’s Corner Barbershop in-house brands. What makes it interesting is that this barbershop put the product collection in a minimalist look that enables the customers easy to explore.

Harrys Corner Barbershop

– Natural concept

Even though this barbershop has industrial and minimalist concept in modern design, this barbershops still put the small details to refresh the customers by putting small greenish planting all over the display cabinets. By placing this small details of planting, Harry’s corner shop barbershop is successfully able to remind the customers about how important the natural creation is even it is in form of small details.

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