Bookstore Interior Design by MENDO

bookstore interior

Here is an inspiring bookstore interior that sells quality books ranging from books on architecture, fashion, photography to interior design. Representing a number of books sold, the store’s interior is designed with best interior quality in outstanding design, black shades blend with the color of the bricks and lighting in this case represented by a modern chandelier. On the other hand, bookshelves arranged very interesting stick to the wall, and in the midst of such an island in the kitchen, but it is very functional table.

Bookstore Interior Design by Mendo

If we look at the picture, the designer emphasizes dark colors as we wrote earlier, the black colors dominates on the roof, floor and walls, and some other color is on the walls, designers giving the polished raw brick color. Lighting is only used at certain points that seem to be enabled for customers to be able to more clearly see the book.

Bookstore Interior Design

Design: Mendo /
Pictures by Ewout Huibers /

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