Canteen Cafe Interior Design in Tokyo

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Have you ever visited The Canteen? This beautiful cafe is located in Soho, Tokyo. It is guaranteed that you would love the atmosphere within the cafe. You would not find the same experience as given by The Canteen. It has the unique style. Thanks to the interior designer, Katayama Masamichito to which he really knows how to deliver the unbeatable ambience to the visitors.

canteen interior design

At first, you have to look at the style created by Katayama. He uses so many different materials within this cafe. He knows that the concrete floor would create the industrial look. In the other hands, he knows that the comfort country style dining furniture could ease the weary office workers. This blend successfully creates the unique atmosphere within this café.

Canteen Cafe Interior 2

Moreover, you should look at the wall of multiple colors. It is similar with a giant, eye catching patchwork quilt. This part could draw the visitor’s attention easily. In addition, it supports the whole atmosphere of the café. The visitors would feel the friendly approach given by the multiple color tiles. Here are the colors of the tiles: black, white, gray, red, green, blue and yellow. The colors are the combination of the neutral and bright colors.

Canteen Cafe Interior 3

Do not forget to feel the homey atmosphere through the country style dining furniture. This is Katayama’s signature style. This furniture gives the comfort to the visitors. They would feel as if sitting in their own dining room. They do not have to feel at a café. It is the right place to ease their mind for a while. The rectangular dining tables are made of light woods. It matches the chairs and the other wooden accents in the café.

Canteen Cafe Interior 4

It is highly suggested for you to visit this café. It is not only beautiful but also enables you to get the soothing and relaxing experience from a café.

Canteen Cafe Interior 5

It’s extremely recommended so that you can go to this café. It’s not solely stunning but additionally allows you to get the soothing and enjoyable expertise from a café.

Design: Katayama Masamichi ref

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