Chic Hair Do Hair Salon Interior

Comfortable Hair Salon Interior

Are you currently staying in Japan and looking for a retreat place? Then, you may consider visiting hairdo hair salon by Ryo Matsui Architects. This hair salon is located in the residential area of Chiba, Japan. There are reasons why you should put hair do hair salon by ryo matsui architects on your next to go list.

Hair Do Hair Salon Interior Design

– Retreat experience with natural concept

Hair Do Hair Salon surely knows your needs by letting the customer enjoy their retreat experience by providing them a perfect combination of interior design placement. A combination of ceiling lighting that give soft reflection from the wooden materials as well as marble tile flooring become the main factors that enable to provide a relax sensation for the customers.

Industrial Hair Salon Design

– An modern yet simple look of interior design

If you are a fan of unique interior design, then visiting this Hair Do Hair salon surely become your source of inspiration only by looking at the overall building looks from the outside. You will definitely get deeper inspiration as you take further steps inside the hair salon. A domination of wooden furniture will greet you as you enter to the main entrance room. A combination of wooden tile flooring as well as long-seat sofa in cream colored which also equipped with wooden border materials makes the overall main entrance room looks effortlessly chic yet dynamic. You can also go around to the left side from the main entrance area. It is a place where you can start your hair cutting process. However, if you want to get more private room, you can also go to the upstairs room or go inside the hair cutting area in the first floor.

Japan Hair Salon

Moving to the second floor, now the customers will get different sight of interior design theme experience. A modern industrial looks can be the most suitable words to describe the design of this area. What makes this area looks different is that the efficient space filled by simple placement of the furniture. If you want to have a calm nuance while enjoying the outdoor view, then going up to this floor is the best option. A wide clear glass material as the window enables the customer to freely spend their eyesight while having the hair cutting as well as hair washing moment. This second floor area will also look wonderful at night supported by the lighting reflection from the unique hanging ceiling lighting.

Architect: Ryo Matsui Architects Inc
Photos by Daici Ano
Images courtesy of Ryo Matsui Architects
via designboom

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