Combining Kitchen and Living Room in One Room Synchronically

combine kitchen and living room

Kitchen is part of house that is usually used to cook some foods for the whole family members. This room is usually equipped with sink, kitchen, fridge and cabinet. Some families even add several other electronic appliances to their kitchen. Microwave oven, bread toaster, blender, coffee maker and dishwasher are some examples of electronic appliances that are usually found in the kitchen. Kitchen also has another function as a place to prepare various foods ingredients before cooking. Some families have separate dining room and kitchen, while some others do not. As a substitution of dining room, kitchen can sometimes be used as a place to enjoy diner time. This room is regularly use as place to gather together with all family members. That is why some families place modern entertainment in their kitchen, in order to lighten meal time and gathering time. Stereo sets, radio and television are some electronic appliances that can be used to entertain all family members during meal time.

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Another part of house that is often used to entertain people is living room. People who can enjoy entertainment on the living room, also known as lounge, sitting room or lounge room, are family members and sometimes guests who come to visit house. This room is usually equipped with tables, bookshelves, cabinets which are full of small unique decorative ornaments, lamps and also tables. Modern entertainment sets can also be placed in this room, including DVD player, stereo sets and plasma television.

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To give maximum pleasure of entertainment, some families even include karaoke machine and speaker. Comfortable sofa or couch is also equipped in the living room. Unique pattern of wallpaper and rug are also applied to give pleasant feeling to any visitors of this room. This room is usually placed in the very front part of the house; that is why some people sometimes called it as front room. Large house often has two separate living rooms. The first one is formal living room which is usually used to receive guests, while the second one refers to informal living room that is usually used by family members or close friends to enjoy their private time and have particular entertainment.

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Now, the question is; what will happen two these two rooms when you try to unite them into one room of your house? This combination of ‘Cooking and Living’ idea may sound weird and unusual for some people, though it is found interesting and unique for some others. How can you enjoy your private time and personal entertainment, when your wife busies herself in preparing some food for meal time? Unpleasant smell of spices, onions and smoke from kitchen can be considered as disturbance for some people.

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However, this integration of kitchen and living room can still work by the help of interior designers. This surprising idea of integration can be done with careful thoughts and plans. By having this inseparable room, your family will have spacious room to enjoy your private time. You also have saved efficient and effective times by giving easy access to the kitchen. This innovation of interior design provides larger possibility to keep an eye of your children while you are lazily making coffee for yourself.

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