Cool Interior Decor for Book Club

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Never a book club becomes a boring place with OHWOW Book Club in New York. The book club space is not so big, it can be said as a tiny book club space, anyway. It only has 150 square foot area in Greenwich Village. However, the interior design is making us pronouncing the name of the book club “Oh wow” when the first time we enter the room. The room interior design is definitely visually entertaining. It is Rafael de Cardenas who is responsible for this stunning book club space. The concept of the room is combining the classic pre war closet and marine life. The designer is well-known with his ability to create a specific mood his project.

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Let’s start with the tile, instead of using the regular tile, he chooses tiles that are look like Navajo carpet patter. Black and white checked pattern is dominating the floor. The black and white concept is continued to the ceiling. The black ceiling is filled with rows of long neon lights. Even though the ceiling is quite low, but it does not make the room feel small. When we check on the wall, he applies the marine life thorough the blue walls with silver pattern. It represents sea and the sea creatures. On one side of the wall, we will be served with plain white wall, but of course, nothing is plain here because unique-shaped shelves are installed. The shelves are made in various dimensions.

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Some leveling is also applied, making the shelves feel so dynamic. Lighting is holding an important role in this small room. The designer is playing with lighting a lot from the neon on the ceiling to some small rounded lamps on the shelves wall. Not only the lighting is making the shelves brighter, but also accentuates the “sea creatures” decoration on the blue wall.

Designer/Architect Rafael de Cárdenas of Architecture At Large/

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