Extendable Table from Team7 for Larger Dining Table

Extendable Table

There are times when we need to hold a dinner for more than 4 people and we need larger table than ordinary table in our dining room. If you think buy another more will waste your money, Flaye Extendable Table can be a smart solution for your dinning table. This innovative table was designed by Team7. The cool thing about this dinning table is the complex retracting system. As seen on the video, the mechanism is so complex and genius.

With this extendable table, you can have two types of dining table, the one that fit for 4 people, and the extension type that fit for 8 people. What you need to do to open the extension part in the middle bottom of the table is pull the lever. After pull the lever, the extension part is unlocked. Pull a part of table and automatically the other side will also pulled outward. The extension part of table that is hidden in the bottom of the table will be exposed.

Two hidden layer panels will be automatically form additional table in the middle and you just need to push one side of the table and voila, new table for 8 people is available in seconds. Flaye Extendable Table from Team 7 is available in wooden or leather frame that used under the table top. You can choose among 23 different shades of leather to meet your interior theme.
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