Floating Bedroom Design: Creative Idea for Small Apartment

Floating Bedroom Ideas

There is no such interesting home improvement like floating bedroom. Floating bedroom is a real creative idea that inspired from limited space apartment or house. Many people think about how to store stuffs in small apartment, but only few people who can creatively think about how to design such a floating bedroom in a small studio apartment. Basically, the studio is located in 50 squares meters area.

With impressive clever idea, every meter of the space has been used up efficiently and effectively by the former artist’s studio. The main idea or the key feature is the suspended bedroom. It is the heart of the whole place. The floating bedroom easily makes people curious and wants to know how the designer made it. The suspended bedroom is located in a box which is raised by half a meter from the second level.

It is gently detached from the dining room area in the front. This modern studio apartment theme chooses simple furniture for every room inside. To manipulate large area, the designer not using any border wall as the usual home design and only build a higher level for the dining room. The result is you can see dining room from entertaining room. It’s such a creative idea for a small apartment.


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Small Bedroom Ideas for Small Apartment
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* floating bedroom design plan *

Floating Bedroom Plan 2
Floating Bedroom Plan 3
Floating Bedroom Plan

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