French Style Apartment Interior Design for Nuanced Romantic Theme

French Style Interior

France is one of romantic country. No wonder many people choose France as their honeymoon destination. With various romantic places, France offers a very romantic and unforgettable moment for new husbands and wives. Living in France, you will obtain endless romance, endless pleasure and endless enjoyment. If you adore France too much, you can create your Little France inside your apartment interior. Image of French apartment is too good to be true. With high ceilings, elegant wallpapers, unique decorative element and luxurious furnishings, French apartment interior design will give you maximum comfort and pleasure of life.

French Apartment Interior

Wooden floor which is combined with plain white paint give refreshing look to the entire apartment. When other apartment tries to emphasize simple minimalist style, this apartment appears as your own unique Little Paris. Living in this kind of classical apartment, you will be able to come back to the past time in which France was still ruled by King Louis. The entire interior has successfully brought France to your own apartment. Being in this French apartment, it is as if you were able to reincarnate to enjoy classical element and refreshing look inside the apartment. This apartment also enables you to experience being kings and queens.

French Apartment Interior Design

To make it look more modern, the designers place bold colored furnishings in strategic places. The designers are dared to be different by positioning magenta color sofa in front of classical grand piano. It looks unusual yet innovative. By placing particular furnishings in certain strategic place, we can see that the designers are trying to combine classical impression with modern look. Their effort can be considered as successful effort as we can feel some kind of harmony through this combination between classical elements and modern aspects. Instead of looking weird in any way, classical furniture and bold colored modern furniture create uniqueness inside this private space.

French Interior Design

Uniqueness that is created from combination between classical element and modern aspect give sophisticated and luxurious feeling to everyone who visits this apartment. You will find yourself too occupied by the beauty of modernity, and at the same time you will also find yourself worship how well all the modern furniture unifies with classical furniture. Being in this apartment, you will be able to enjoy sensation of time machine from all the entire French furniture. Made in Paris, French furniture is more than ready to characterize your own France inside your apartment. Without being lost in those classical elements, the designers have also successfully reminded you about present time by placing modern furniture inside the apartment.

French Styles Interior Decor

Crystal chandelier is one of decorative element that has an important role in creating this French apartment. Working together with other classical decorative elements on the entire apartment, this good has successfully brought France to this apartment. With traditional touch from French furniture, you will not find difficulties in creating apartment with French atmosphere. All decorative ornaments are also placed in certain places to give traditional loom and emphasize classical nuance inside the apartment. All color seems unify; it has successfully portray image of France which is similar to the feeling that you feel when you visit palaces or castles.

French Home Decorations

In master bedroom, a big size mirror is positioned strategically above classical fireplace. A soft turquoise modern bed is also place in front of the fireplace and big mirror. To give classical feeling, small decorative elements are placed on the fireplace. Simple and modern bed lamp is placed beside the bed to balance overall impression about the bedroom. Contemporary and classical art goods are also bought, used and combined each others to decorate this apartment.


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