Greek Bakery Shop Interior Design

bakery shop interior

Family bakery shop is another great place to gather with all family members. Pastries and breads are some delicious foods that are usually enjoyed to be eaten by children. As one of famous bakery store that sells Greek pastries and breads, Omonia offers a very unique interior design. Classical and sophisticated atmosphere are provided here, there and yonder around the bakery shop as a way to pleasure all their customers. Chocolate brown tiles use to cover ceilings and side walls in different heights. As for lighting, the interior designers use many oval light bulbs to give sufficient lighting to the Greek bakery shop. Red cedar wood spheres are arranged beautifully to give classical atmosphere to the bakery shop.

bakery store interior

As a transition with chocolate surface, LED light bulbs and shelf are applied to the bakery shop. As for the kitchen itself, all activities that are currently done by professional Greek pastries and breads can be seen by customers. This concept of invisible kitchen is created to build mutual understanding between the bakery shop and all its customers. By providing an open kitchen, this bakery shop tries to ensure all customers that their bakery shop is using high quality ingredients to cook various pastries and breads.

bakery interior design

Basically bakery shop interior should be able to represent overall concept of their pastries and breads. As for Omonia bakery shop which sells Greek pastries and breads, for instance, the interior designers should be able to bring and arise Greek atmosphere and nuance to the bakery shop. If the wall looks too dull and unpleasant, you can add renaissance decorative element to it. Mural paintings of angels with wings will give more interesting ambience to brownish basic background. It will save some money if you can do it by yourself. If you have no talent in painting, you can use mural painters’ service. Asking for your friends, relatives and colleagues’ advices will make it easier to find mural painters.

Omonia Bakery Shop Interior design by bluarch_5

Online advertisements can also help you to find mural painters. If it is too hard to find mural painters, you can look for any wallpaper which is related to Greek atmosphere. Sculptures and paintings are also great choices to add Greek atmosphere to your bakery shop. Greek sculptures and paintings may sound expensive and hard to get. Yet, you can stroll around flea market to get one. By strolling around flea market, you will be able to get cheap and used goods.

Omonia Bakery Shop Interior design by bluarch_6

Omonia Bakery Interior Design can be used as a great inspiration to decorate interior of your bakery shop. If you want to have an exact model of Omonia Greek Bakery Shop, you should go to consult your interior design. This solution may spend great amount of money. Yet with the help of interior designers, you can have maximum satisfaction in terms of interior design of your bakery shop. And expensive cost of consultation with interior designers is equal to maximum interior designs.

Omonia Bakery Shop Interior design by bluarch_7

Another choice is consulting your family members, colleagues or close friends about all decorative ornaments for interior designs of Omonia bakery shop. Visiting other bakery shops can also be done to get inspirations, ideas and references for your own bakery shop. Many advices and suggestions from the people you known may become a great reference for you to build unique bakery shop. Strolling around book store can also help you to create a very unique bakery shop. Many interior design books will be beneficial to give you ideas and references to build your own bakery shop. Internet may also be a great companion for you to create unique bakery shop. By surfing around cyber world, you can have various ideas and designs to be applied in your bakery shop.

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