Hidden Low Day Bed Lazy Folds Folding Sofa Bed

Low Day Bed

Multifunctional furniture is very popular around people who have a small house or small apartment. With multifunctional furniture like Lazy Folds, people can have two functions furniture in seconds. Lazy Folds is actually a folding bed that also popular with “hide-a bed” name. This folding bed is designed by Khalid Shafar.

As we all know, small space does not allow people to have a lot of various furniture in one room. Have dual identity furniture is a good solution to save space. “Lazy folds” is in fact a mattress that can transform into a two-seater sofa. Khalid Shafer gets the inspiration from natural cotton upholstery. It is a kind of craft that available in Bur Dubai area which is actually a cushion that can fold to be fan.

Folding Sofa Bed

All you have to do to make the sofa change into a nice bed is open the fold. And when you need a sofa for watching TV, you can fold it back and pile it in the wooden frame. “The Lazy Folds” has black color. So, the hidden bed is able to easily matching with your interior. It can be low daybed in your living room or a hidden bed in your small guest room as well.

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