Home-Like Hair Salon Interior in Barcelona, Spain

Barber Area for Hair Salon

When you go to a hair salon, you do not want to be like in strange place. You want to feel like you are home. This is the point of IL SALONE. This is a beautifully-designed hair salon located in Barcelona, Spain. In this hair salon, you will see a lot of stuff that are similar to what you find at home. Yes, the essential point clearly made by the salon owner is to remind the guests and customers of home lounge so that they can feel like home. This salon is the creation of dynamic duo, Daniel Pérez and Felipe Araujo from Egue y Seta. Below you will find more information about IL SALONE’s home-like interior design.

1. Cozy as Home

In this salon, the interior is designed like a home lounge. It is the place where you can get relaxed at home and in this salon you can get relaxed as well. You can see there are plenty of cozy armchairs in the salon longue and you can sit down and relaxed there while you get your hair done. Another furniture to spark the home-like feeling is the coffee table you can see in the picture. It is so simple but a great reminder of home. The light source in the room is using pendant lighting to create dim and comfortable lighting for the customers. The floor of the room is also a kind of domestic flooring that you often see at home. It can give the customers a really nice time and enjoy the warmth and comfort usually found in a household.

2. The Wood Domination

As you can see in the picture, the salon is mostly dominated by wooden elements. As it wants to make the customers feel like home, wood seems to be the appropriate materials to use here. Wooden furniture are still mostly used in many household. That is why you can see there are wood stuff everywhere in the salon. Cleverly, they are not all in the same tone so that the room does not look boring. It has different gradations of color and also hues. It ranges from darker tone to lighter tone. The wooden tones are also going well with the gray color often found in the room. The salon has its own signature warmth tone that usually you find it at home. This way the salon has created something so home-like and so comfortable for many customers.

Design: Egue y Seta Daniel Pérez + Felipe Araujo
Photographer: Víctor Hugo

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