Interior Design Salon That Can Evoke Your Nostalgia

The name Granny F. Salon is such a tricky when you first hear it. Is it a salon dedicated only for our grannies? Apparently, no! Although it’s more than okay to ask our grannies to come here and get some styling done. The name itself is more like representing the overall concept of the salon’s interior design. Yep! It is one of the salons which have unique design, barely found the similar one in everywhere but Aichi, Japan, designed artistically by Hiroyuki Miyake to bring back the old memory to its customers. Here, we’re going to mention the points which terrifically emphasize the Granny F. salon’s interior design.

The Terrific Brickworks

The main point of the overall interior design is laid on its terrific brickworks. Not only have the brickworks covered the overall exterior wall, but also some inner section of the salon, which is the hair washing area. The brickwork, consist of neutral colors, is done so artistically, creating a beautiful gradient from the domination of the dark on the lower part to the lighter color on the upper part, which is almost impossible to duplicate. With its glossy surface, the addition of lamps in bright yellow light above the brickworks reflects a beautiful rich coloration.

The brickwork itself has been enough to bring the nostalgic sense to those coming to the salon as it may remind us with traditional British masonry. The patterned brickworks emphasize the traditional side while the coloration from the help of the lamp gives modern touch at the same time. But to summarize the design in one word, then it will be ‘extravagant’.

Simple Furnishings

Despite the rich patterns from the brickwork as the backdrop, it is wise not to add too much design on the furnishings as it will only make it looks busy. That was what exactly Hiroyuki Miyake had done. Completing the overall oldies-nostalgia concept, it put simple furnishings to cooperate with the already busy backdrop. He put the common sinks for washing the hairs between the interior separators; let the customers have the other view instead of just the brickwork in the area. In the next section of the room, the styling area, each nicely leather sofa is put in front of a 3-d rectangular mirror. The last simple décor which supports the interior concept is indeed the hanging light bulbs hung symmetrically all over the room, which add the British industrial edge for the Granny F. Salon.

Photos courtesy Rikoh Adachi via frameweb

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