iPhone and iPod Table Docking Station

iPod Table Docking Station

Lately many people choose to have iPhone or iPod to enjoy their hundreds of Mp3 easily. In this time, you can also change your experience with using iPod docking station which is considered as new form of home mp3 player. If you are looking for modern appearance iPod docking station table that also great for interior furniture, you can choose Spectral Unveils Cockpit.

Spectral Unveils Cockpit designed by German entertainment furniture manufacturer. The Cockpit has three types of table that you can choose for place your iPod. With Spectral Cockpit, user is allowed to control mp3, videos, and pictures from the sofa or bed. Docking stations of Spectral Cockpit are contains of three models: CP 01, CP 02, and CP 03. CP 01 type is actually a modern and simple colored glass table which has aluminum column.

The CP 02 model has a simple drawer that user can use to store V remote control, magazines, and accessories. The glass top of this model contains magnet which allow user to change position of iPod or iPhone in various position. The last model, CP 03 has hidden front firing and a cabinet box which allow user to store down-firing subwoofer inside without being seen by other people. So, which one that you want to choose?

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