Kids Hair Salon Interior Design and Decor at Barcelona, Spain

Kids Hair Salon Interior Design

Choosing an interior design for kids’ saloon sometimes can be really challenging. Perhaps you might find that common saloon design is quite versatile for kids but it might be less comfortable for them to stay there longer. There are wide array of ways that you can use in order to create interesting design for kids saloon.

Children Salon Design

You might use specific theme such as cartoon characters or other types of theme which can exude cheerful atmosphere in the saloon so that children can feel comfortable when they should stay or wait longer there. You can get inspiration from child & chic children hair saloon which is designed by Nabito architects & Partners.

The board of this Child & Chic saloon actually had simple task which needed to be accomplished about the design since it was built. The concept of this saloon design is very flawless and the workflow which is implemented in the saloon is really suitable with the Brand. This saloon combined two aspects which serve as the best concept used in it.

The first concept is that they imagine the how children are so that they can create surrounding and atmosphere through a project which can provide children world in the saloon. Besides, they respect proper ambiance of Catalans. To make this concept come true, they use classical style so that it provides kids fantasy look. It does not only serve as children world but also provide comfortable places for families to stay there for long time. It becomes a house both children and parents.

The saloon uses soft and interesting color in order to support the kids mood. The colors which are used include pink, purple, and light blue. It works well with the combination of neutral color such as white which is combined with wallpaper and black that is applied in the ceiling. The soft pattern of wallpaper such as stripes and drops make it more interesting without looking too overwhelming.

The accessories which are used to enhance the look do not aim to specific gender but it is more neutral. It can be seen from the plain cat hanging accessories which complete the look of wallpaper. Moreover, the classic style cannot be separated from this saloon. It can be seen from the entrance of the saloon. The furniture also supports the classical design. The chandeliers and little lamps which spread in the ceiling not only make the room brighter but also spice up the entire look.

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Design: Nabito architects & Partners SLP

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