Leather Classy Vintage Chair Styles for Your Home Office

Hopper Bucket Chair

Hopper Bucket Chair can be a perfect chair to be set for home or for office. We know that there are many chair models available in the market but choosing the hopper bucket chair is highly recommended for both comfort and aesthetic reason. What makes the hopper bucket chair different to the other chair models is that hopper bucket chair comes in unique design.

The hopper bucket chair has no armrests but anyone can still feel comfortable sitting in this chair since it has very soft cushion. Our neck can also rest comfortable on this chair and this is definitely needed for stress relief. This chair isn’t too tall at all so you don’t have to bother when you want to sit down on it or stand up. This chair is designed by Restoration Hardware and comes in vintage design so if you’re a person who wants to add the vintage look then this chair is definitely fits for you.

If you’re interested to choose this chair then it’s best suggested that you place this hopper bucket chair in the library room at your home. This can also be perfect if you want to set it in your office too.

Via: restorationhardware

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