A Minimalist Private Salon in Osaka, Japan

Simple Minimalist Salon Design

If you dream of getting styled in an ease and cozy minimalist private salon, then you may wish that salon with an interior design like Equip Salon exists everywhere. Unluckily, you may be able to experience the naturally private salon such the one designed by Sides Core only in Osaka Japan. That is why we can say that the interior design of Equip Salon is one of a kind which is considered unique. This is how Sides Core made the terrific interior design happen!

Simple Salon Design

– Privacy

The notable sign of Equip Salon interior is of course based on the aim of the owner to provide only one service at a time. By then, the interior is designed to keep the privacy of the customer; make them feel at ease to follow the series of styling process. The room used for the salon is considerably small as it aims to provide spaces to one customer in service, one customer in waiting, and a stylist.

The space is divided into three sections with simply oak frames—without either vivid or opaque separator. The first section is in front of the glazed façade, which is the waiting area. There are a low polygonal wood desk and a low wood chair towards the front. Beside it, or the middle of the room, there laid a single leather chair located in front of a circular wall mounted mirror for the styling process; and a yellow wood chair in contrast in front of the desk for the cutting area. The last section, the back one, is the area for washing hair.

The ways the interior designer divides the section area is really simple and minimalist. It offers flexibility to move with its meticulous selection of furnishings, but yet not too huge gap of emptiness to change the definition of privacy to loneliness.

Waiting Private Room for Salon

– Unpredictable Nature of Mountaineering

The designer works on the philosophy of the Equip Salon who is a mountain climbing enthusiast to create the room reflecting unpredictable nature of mountaineering which leave people in no idea about what may come next until they get there. It also designed to make the customers experiencing the soothing natural ambiance. The light comes naturally into the room from the sun outside through the glazed façade. It has all earthy colors of wood and stone with two yellow items (a wood chair and a hanging lamp cap) as the contrast. This interior design with carefully selected audio system will surely meet the overall goal of Equip Salon.

Design: Sides Core / sides-core.com
Photos: Yoshiro Masuda / yoshiro-masuda.net

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