Modern Black and White Hair Salon in London

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Interior design of a hair salon should not always follow how to majority of them go. Break the rule and go for something different often attract more people attention. While designing a salon using modern and contemporary style is very common. You might choose other style such as classical or traditional style. Even though each of interior design style has its own good points but many hair salons have used those kinds of style. Hence, it is not special anymore if you also use that. If you are brave enough, you can try more sophisticated interior designed like Fudge Pop-up hair salon which is designed by Zaha Hadid.

Fudge Pop Up Hair salon

Fudge pop-up hair salon is actually a design made from the collaboration of Zaha Hadid and Fudge hair brand. This ultra-chic salon design is introduced in London Fashion Week and London Design Festival. The design concept is pretty different from most of salons. Every work station in this salon is placed in the middle of the space. It is different from common salon which places the work station alongside of the wall. Since the work station is placed in the center of the floor, it uses standing mirror instead of mirror which commonly hung in the wall.

Clean and White Salon Design

The ultra-chic look in this salon is really strong with the black and white colours which dominate the space. Not to mention about bold polygonal lines which applied not only in the furniture but also other elements of the space. Even though white colour is also applied in the ceiling but it leaves exposed so that you can spot the ceiling elements. There are some polygonal table which placed in the space with solid black and white colours. Another long glass table is placed in the middle of space. Its transparency creates something unique among those two neutral shades.

Futuristic Hair Salon Design

To enrich the look, it also uses graphic elements in some corner of the salon. Besides, you can find printed photograph in the high wall so that those who are served can spot it. While most of the walls in the salons are made in white colour, you can see the designer make difference in one side of the wall by using wallpaper with the combination of white and black colour. If you want to look this salon in more detail, then it lays inside the Zaha Hadid design gallery and London Design Festival exhibition which can be visited through invitation.

Design by Zaha Hadid Architects
Image © Zaha Hadid Architects

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