Multifunctional Black Coffee Table

Black Cofee Table

New concept of furniture always makes people curious and amaze just like Rami Tareef “Not Your Average Coffee Table”. People around the world like to enjoy coffee in any time: relax and stress condition. People like to enjoy coffee in home, office, beach, café, and many other places. Do you ever imagine if you want to drink coffee while enjoy the beautiful surrounding in nowhere place?

It is nice if we can have a magic coffee table which has two functions as coffee table plus the sofa? Rami Tareef already make the brilliant concept into cool furniture. A coffee table turned into a sofa is a great solution for coffee lover who have limited space in home or like traveling so much. The inspiration of Rami Tareef “Not Your Average Coffee Table” is come from Japanese Bento Box. The other thing that makes people amaze is the contrast color of the sofa and coffee table.

The coffee table has dark grey color plus clean outer appearance and the sofa is electric red. The hidden sofa has inner richness color and textures as well. To know more amazing projects of Rami Tareef, you can check the COD projects of him on his website.

Functional Coffee Table
Multifunctional Coffee Table
Coffee Table to Chair

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