Natural Salon Design with Industrial Style in Taipei

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There are a lot of ideas that you can use in order to make the salon look more interesting. There will always be something new that you can bring in it. It does not only refer to the look but you also can make change into the system so that it is different from the majority of what owned by common salons. When changing the look of salon is quite usual, you perhaps can try changing the layout of the salon. There are many ideas on how to create perfect layout of the salon. If you want to make change on the salon layout, you can look for inspiration from Essential hair salon in Taipei.

Essential hair salon which is designed by KC studio offers something different from the majority of salons out there. If you look a bit closer, you will find out that this salon has unique layout aside from its interesting modern design. Most of the common salons usually divide the layout into three spaces. It consists of reception area, staff room and services area.

However, what makes this salon special is that it tries to go out of line and rearrange the space so that it can promote higher interaction with the customers. The design concept which is applied in the salon offers clear and natural environment through an industrial style which looks really modern. It can be seen from interior and furniture used in the space. All of them has simple and sleek look with the combination of wood and steel material. Black and white becomes two neutral colours which dominate the salon. Even though white colour is applied in all of the walls, but they try to soften the looks by leaving some parts of the walls exposed so that it creates different wall textures.

Besides modern look, this salon also emphasizes industrial style in all of area of the salon. It can be seen from several suspended wooden partitions which are used to divide the space to create open feeling without breaking the customers’ privacy when they are doing the treatment. Besides mirror which is installed in the wooden partition for each section, a little bit greenery in the wall adds something natural into the space. This salon tries to build customers impression since the first time they step in by installing huge glass door in the entrance as well as stainless wall in order to offer natural and cozy look of a salon.

Design: KC design studio

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