Natural Wooden Color for Restaurant Interior Theme

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Bar Agcricole is a restaurant with unique and homey interior design concept. It’s nice to be able to sit and enjoy our meal at a beautiful restaurant even when we eat alone. This restaurant is mainly targeted for urbanites, the people who want to enjoy delicious food in a non-formal restaurant. Located in San Francisco, California, Bar Agricole cook their food from local ingredients, it’s all natural and you can order healthy and delicious food like broccoli, spaghetti or blackberry tart.

Wooden Color for Restaurant Interior Bar Agcricole 2

Interior design considered essential for the overall success of the restaurant. Bar Agricole interior design is dominated with natural wooden color. When it comes to urban restaurant interior design, wooden furniture is perfect for restaurant who trying to market good and healthy food and also to create the proper atmosphere which is coordinate with the cuisine.

Wooden furniture also makes a durable furniture with easy maintenance. The wooden furniture like chair or table at Bar Agricole create warmth and look desirable. Proper lighting is important to keep the customer content, and the lighting system at Bar Agricole is using medium light since the wooden furniture and floor already reflect the light and make the room look livelier.

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The beauty of Bar Agricole interior design is hard to be replicated, as the secret, they use beautiful wooden furniture with simple cut. Wood furniture welcomes the guest in an inviting, and comfortable way. Since it’s important for the businessman to keep their interior design budget low, they could use some inspiration from Bar Agricole interior design, they use furniture based on its aesthetic value and also good durability. As the winner of the James Ward award, Bar Agricole proved for its desirable interior design.

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