The NYC Modern Gymnasium Apartment Interior

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All buildings are possible to be a comfortable home, including a former gym. Gymnasium apartment in New York is one of the examples, Charles Gwathmey as the architect. This 6,000 sq apartment is made into a modern and comfortable living space without eliminating the barrel vault of the former building. The rounded shape of the room is able to support the interior look. Here are the details of the room.

This police gymnasium apartment is made in a clean design with black and white color domination. On the first level, we can see the original shape of the building, with its barrel, rounded design and some balconies on the top. The balconies are able to make the space look unique and alive. On the first level, we will find some geometrical curves on the wall and some accessories like coffee tables, table lamps and some others. The furniture made in modern concept as well. Black leather sofa with metal frame, brown leather sofa and modern fabric sofa are put in some sections. We can also find a unique sofa with geometric shape that emphasizes the modern atmosphere of the room. Some standing racks are also served and to make the racks blend with the overall concept geometric shaped racks are put in the room as a low partition.

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In the dining room, we can see the combination between modern and classic theme. The placement of long metal table and square accent in the wall emphasizes the modern room look, white the classic look can be seen from some of the decorations and dinning chairs. The dining chairs are actually made in modern design, but the wooden material is giving the room a little bit classic touch, moreover with the soft cushion. Some rounded and geometrical accents can be seen clearly in the room. The rounded wall accent above the headboard is able to make a great focus in the room.

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Architect: Charles Gwathmey /

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