The Playful Office Meeting Room Interior Design

Office Meeting Room Interior

When it comes to meeting room, then we tend to create the modern and plain professional look. Well, this standard design is sometimes so boring and intimidating. It gives an awkward and formal atmosphere that can drop the employees’ spirit. The employees have been working for hours and see the computer screen that can make them stressful; entering the plain and intimidating meeting room will frustrate them more. There is no obligation or government’s rule that an office room should look so formal, right? Therefore, Hvass & Hannibal is turning the plain and conventional DGI-BYEN meeting room in so much cheerful atmosphere.

Office Meeting Room Interior Design 2

The concept of the room is mountain. Great pictures of mountains are drawn on the wall. Black to white mountain patterns gradation is used for the wall, making the room more dynamic and artistic. The mountain pattern does not stop on its wall only, but also on the table. The designer is making a small and low partition on the table that brings the mountainous patterns on the wall to the table. The partition separates a long large table. The long and large table is made in blue and white combination, similar to the color of the mountain partition on the table, the rows of blue chairs with modern design are set, and these transform the meeting room to be looks modern, professional, and cheerful at the same time.

Office Meeting Room Interior Design 3

The “mountain” does not stop until wall and table; instead, we will also find mountains of colorful boxes. Yes, colorful boxers are taken inside the room. Various color combination of the boxes, blue, white, pink, purple, green and so on, reminds us the blocks we used to arrange when we were in the kindergarten. Since the boxes are made in modern concept. The mountains of colorful boxes with various levels don’t give any childish look. On the other side, it gives dynamic atmosphere that can make employees get their spirit back after hours of working.

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