Redesign Hair Salon Store Concept

Modern Barbershop Design

Have you heard about Daniel Hershesons? If you haven’t heard about it, then this can be your source of good news. Hershesons is a well-known for its hair salon retailing which located in London. This hair salon throw away its image of traditional hair salon retailing and now it just opened and introduced you for it’s newly redesign hair salon store concept. The shifting of its image is all to provide better experience for the customers.

You will be greeted with many collections of hair salon treatment products on the display cabinets. A touch of modern interior design can be clearly seen from the existence of a rectangular desk in grey color on the left side of the main room. You can also feel a calm atmosphere from the perfect combination of the lighting and reflection of wooden tile flooring in chevron grid. A big pillar in orange color surely become your first thing that later catches your attention once you take steps into Daniel Hershesons. You will feel a touch of elegant concept by the placement of gold plated color in each side of banister as well as the border sides of the stairs. After you are going upstairs, you will arrive to the lobby room of the hair salon. Here, you can take a seat for having a consultation time with the hair salon expert of Daniel Hershesons.

Walking further steps from the main entrance area, now you will arrive at the hair cutting area. Here, you can choose either to sit in the left side or right side. There are 14 seats available in the hair cutting area. Do not worry if in case, the seats are all occupied, since hershesons provides the customer with long backless seat in the left sides and also a large display of hair treatment products in the cabinet for the customers to explore. Another additional point of Hersheshons hair salon is it provides the customers with the facility to have a perfect relaxation moment during their hair cutting time by providing the customers with iPad and collection of updated books on the hair cutting area.

Another great experience that the customer can enjoy in Hershesons is the manicure and pedicure service which available in separated and more private room. Here, the customers will not only get a peaceful atmosphere but they can also stay updated by the facility of iPad provided on every seat in manicure and pedicure area. Having manicure and pedicure in Hersheshons is definitely become your memorable experience.

Design: Gpstudio

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