Relaxing Salon and Spa Design, London – UK

Aveda Lifestyle Salon Interior

A salon does not only need providing good services and great treatments but also the comfy and relaxing space which can bring the comfort to the people or the visitors. That is such the interesting thing to know much about the wide ranges of ideas on dealing with the result of the design regarding to the interior of the salon.

Lighting Decorationg Ideas for Salon Interior

The interior design needs to be well prepared so that the result will also be able to represent the feel which wants to be built there. It is such a good idea for people to know really well about the ideas. The Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa interior design might be one of the great ideas which can be so inspiring. That is the great salon which can be the great inspiration for any salon owners.

Moorish Theme Salon Interior

The salon interior design was handled by Reis Design which is based in United Kingdom. This salon has the inviting and also comfy ambiance which is really designed well with the stylish result. Then, the result of the salon is warm and also really relaxing.

Overall this salon, which has the space about less than 500 square meters, has the design and style which is getting inspired by Moorish. That can be seen from the details which are applied in the salon, as like the patterned tiles which are applied from floor to ceiling.

Orange Shelves Salon Design

Then, we also can find a lot of lanterns which have the Moroccan style. Besides the warm and comfy ambiance in the salon, we also can find the feel of the luxury in the salon. This comforting salon gets its great ambiance from its proper lighting as well besides the main lighting; the accent lighting also brings the warm and luxury ambiance in the salon. People can feel that really relaxed because of the elements in the salon interior.

Salon and Spa Organizing Furniture Design Ideas

The elements which are applied in the salon interior design also bring the relaxing and refreshing ambiance. That is because of the use of natural elements as like the wood floor, stone floor, and even the use of the decorations of the tree trunks which are still raw.

Wall Shelves for Salon Furniture

The decoration looks that beautiful with the application of the small lights for making the salon looks that really luxury and warm as well. The unique twigs chandeliers which are applied in the waiting are also makes this salon looks unique. That is also obtained by the application of the warm tone color scheme for the salon interior design.

Salon and Spa Interior Design
Wooden Salon Interior Theme

Design: Reis Design

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