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Our curiosity about something that is unfamiliar is never-ending. We often imagine how it is like to fly into space, how it is like to live on Mars, and maybe how it feels to sleep underwater. Well, talking about underwater living experience, actually it is not only an imagination right now. Yes, we can sleep underwater now, and no, I am not talking about being a crew of submarine. Before I go any further, I want you to imagine the blue ambience of underwater where you can see corrals, or school of tuna, and may be one or two dolphin and ray fish swimming. It must be fascinating and memorable.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Under the Sea 2

The dream has turned into reality, as a undersea restaurant called Ithaa Undersea Restaurant was opened a few years ago in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. This restaurant offers the guests a rare and luxurious chance to dine under water. Can you imagine how wonderful it is, not only to eat the fish but also to eat with them swimming swiftly around us? Ok, enough of that sarcastic joke, but the part of we can see the swimming fish is not a joke. When you eat in undersea restaurant, you are protected by the 180 degree special glass tube. This glass tube is thick and clear enough to stand the water pressure and to let you see what is outside the tube.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Under the Sea 3

This underwater restaurant sits 16 feet below the sea surface of Indian Ocean and has 12 seats. Really suit an extravagant and extraordinary dinner. You don’t have to worry about the menu, the restaurant is five stars rated restaurant as they have the most delicious menu you can get. Well, you can’t imagine eating fast food menus, while you are inside luxurious underwater resort. The above water facility also gives you a breathtaking experience. The resort has 50 unit of tropical theme water villas, 79 exotic beach villas, and 21 spa water villas that feature private treatment rooms. The hotel will also offer you the excitement of a vast courtyard with fountain, outdoor bathroom, and natural and beautiful landscaping.


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