Retro Tetris Lamp Light with Rainbow Colors

Retro Tetris Lamp Light

Tetris light is one of contemporary lighting that combine modernity, fun and creativity. This lighting is one of my favorite and will looks nice in any bedroom. The lighting has multiple colors which will easily fit with your bedroom wall paper or wall painting. The colors are blue, yellow, pink, red, orange and green. The shape of the lamp is taken from seven forms of the Tetris blocks.

It is vertically ordered and because each of the block form has different color, then the lamp inside the block will illuminate with different colors as well. This retro Tetris lighting is so unique.

It will make people remember about year of 90’s, when Tetris was the most popular game at that time. Of course if you bring your kids to the art exhibition, they will asked about it because Tetris is no longer favorite game today, since a lot of new gadgets and 3D games developed lately.

This retro Tetris lamps is great for modern and simple home decoration. If your home has white or another single wall painting, you should choose this lighting for your living room.

This Tetris light will cheer up your pale living room. Just plug it into a power source than you will get rainbow colors in your room.

Available at firebox.

* awesome as decorative interior *

Tetris Lamp Light

* make it custom : stack your game *

Tetris Lamp Design

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