Round Chair Bookcase

round chair design

Smart furniture comes again with sunflower-shaped chair. This original idea is made by two creative China’s furniture designer He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of engineering science. The idea of creative chair is who to combine bookcase with chair for the book’s lover. The result is an original idea of Sunflower Chair with Smart Integrated Bookcase.

The sunflower name is given because the chair’s cushion has yellow color and that is suit with the sunflower’s petal color. This idea can save spaces in your living room or your bedroom. There is no more wasted money for buy another book shelf for bedroom or living room. This chair can be a perfect store for the books of yours. Person who sits on the chair will easily get the book from the bookshelf that surrounds him.

What makes people speechless is the bookcase that is a frame for the chair. If this unique chair available in our living room, it is easily will be the center of attention and gain a lot of curiosity from people. It is not only the idea that shows simplicity and modernism but the whole structure showing the smart innovation that born from limited small space inspiration.


Round Chair Bookcase | enidqorbee | 4.5