Soft and Feminine Beauty Salon Interior in Osaka, Japan

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It is the beauty salon interior design in Osaka, Japan with soft shades, modern, stylish at the same time through the selection of color palettes and wood materials.

The beauty salon is a place frequented by women. This is where they spend their time caring for and pampering. To that end, the salon interior design mostly created by adapting elements is much preferred feminine women. Salon is a lot to exploit the use of pastel colors, textures tend to be soft, and avoid accents that tend sharply and decisively. In addition, usually at a room will be added accessories or trinkets with a figure closely and widely favored women. This is to further strengthen the soft feel and ‘very female’, so as to make the majority of female visitors enjoyed being in the room for a long time.

Salon Kolmio-LIM in Osaka, Japan: Design soft and natural

Soft and Feminine Beauty Salon Interior in Osaka, Japan 2
A feminine commonly shown in a salon are also shown in Kolmio-LIM salon in Osaka, Japan owned by designer Yusuke Seki. Salon Kolmio-LIM is focused on a nail treatment or a manicure. Yusuke Seki tried to make her salon that a majority of female visitors to feel more comfortable to linger here. For that, she adapted many elements that soft, for example in the use of color palettes which tend to be neutral or pastel. This can be seen from the image targeted by Takumi Ota photographer’s camera.

Screen textured wrinkle as partition

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One of the unique things that immediately we can find when entering this salon is the existence of a screen with wrinkle texture. Screen is made of wood and placed in the middle of the room, so divide the room into two parts. In a way, this screen as a partition that divides the salon into several areas for different types of body treatments.

Exploitation of pastel colors

Soft and Feminine Beauty Salon Interior in Osaka, Japan 3
A plain white color selected as the background, which is then combined with the use of wood materials in their structures. Light brown color of the wood is able to blend in with the plain white, so as to create the impression of soft without losing their natural element. The combination is expected to adapt the color of the skin’s natural color. While in other parts, we will find the accent color such as light blue and pastel pink. It is intended to adapt the color of nail polish.

Screen textured existing wrinkles in the middle of this room not only serves as a partition, but also as a background. With soft white color, screen captures natural light and spread throughout the room.

Light blue accents on the walls plus wooden furniture in the reception areas

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In another room, there is a wall painted with pastel blue. This wall of the room as well as a backdrop which is the reception area. The room is equipped with furniture such as tables and chairs made of wood. Beside, there is also a bookshelf that is also made of wood, so that helped complete the natural impression in this room. Again and again, the type of wood chosen also tend to be light brown wood, so it matches the skin tone.

Girlish impression in the nail treatment area

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In the treatment room, we will find an open space equipped with 6 wooden tables are aligned. Wooden desk functioned as nail area or nail care treatment (manicure). Meanwhile, next door we could find a seat reclining chair types used when visitors want to nail care feet (pedicure). The treatment area is its position somewhat to the rear of the main room salon. To reach it, visitors must pass through a screen zigzag earlier.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the room we could find a part that is intended for eyelash treatment, with fitted wooden bench. These areas are separated by golden half-transparent curtains. In addition, the walls are painted with a soft pink color in order to make an girlish and feminine impression. It also depends on the wall a few mirrors that function in aiding the course of eyelash treatment.

The existence reinforce the impression of natural wood flooring

Soft and Feminine Beauty Salon Interior in Osaka, Japan 6
On the floors, have wood (parquet) are arranged in a linear fashion, making parquet flooring is comfortable. Wood is also seen to complement with other elements, especially the furniture and building structures is also using wood.

When viewed as a whole, we can find a variety of tone and color in this salon. Ranging from light brown, white, gold, light blue, to pink. Thus, it can make a colorful felt salon. The existence of such a screen zig zag accent adds modern look without losing the soft feel of the room. What’s more, plus the use of lighting in some corners, it is increasingly exudes of ‘pretty’ impression.

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