Stunning Clean White Color Hair Salon Interior in London

White Salon Interior Decor

Both man and woman have their special date or day to cut their hair or just apply some styles. Perhaps giving hair treatments is what some women love to do. With so many beauty salons or hairdresser shop are available on special districts or malls or department stores, each of us has the chance to change our look, starting from the hair exactly. And this is the best news—salon with celebrities as their loyal customers would increase the popularity. People are willing to spend their time on the salon just to make them ‘look like celebrity.’ Once a salon is visited by a celebrity, you know, people would think the salon is noteworthy.

Located in the heart of Clerkenwell, Fourth Floor hair salon London is established in 1990 in a 1930s industrial building. With walls covered all in white, Fourth Floor is popular because some celebrities had spent their time here such as Tom Dixon, Jon Snow, and John Pawson. Guys, you know what it is like? Having your hair being cut at the place where top starts trusted their hairs. Well, it means there is no doubt to once again prove the truth. When one of your friends starts to mention the same salon within a week, perhaps this is your best time to try going to Fourth Floor.

The special thing about Fourth Floor hair salon London is the location is on the rooftop. We get used to cut our hair at a regular salon with the view of a street where people come and go or walk with cellphones on their hands; talking to someone out there we don’t know. But here in the Fourth Floor, the best service that probably we can’t meet at other salons is the view from the rooftop. You know, it is really amazing to see the art installations and the city’s skylines. And now we talk about the interior design. Fourth Floor has a stunning, incredible interior design that would please your eyes and entertain your soul. Everything comes in white, except for several furniture and decorations. Their comfy seats are designed in leather with iron. There are also mirrors, custom shelving and lighting that were designed by Tom Dixon.

For the first time you enter Fourth Floor hair salon London you will be amazed by its design and decoration. All of them look great and complement each other. There are no dominated elements or ornaments. The round lamps are hanged down from the ceiling, as if you walk through a lampion festival. The room looks wider and bigger and so clean. Overall, it looks simple but something in the layout cannot be just ignored. The space among working stations are wider so everyone is able to move. There are also several full-length mirrors to look at the overall appearance so you or other customers would realize whether or not you are satisfied.

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