Tiny 376sqf Apartment with Space Invader Theme Ideas

Space Invader Bathroom Theme

There are many unique and themed house or apartment in the world, and this Space Invaders Home can be one of them. Themed house always makes people interested to look inside the whole house to see the favorite theme collections of the home owner.

Space invaders apartment in Hong Kong is one of the unique themed house that use space invaders alien’s picture in almost all walls in the apartment. Actually, Space Invaders is an arcade video game that designed by Mr. Nishikado from Japan and released in 1978. The Invaders is one of the first shooting games. The aim of the game is to defeat aliens with a laser canon. This pop culture was so popular in that time. Designer Warsaw from OnebyNine, Poland designed the Space invaders themed house in tiny 376 square feet apartment space. This tiny house pays homage to the iconic Japanese video game that was popular in the world without overdoing.

We can see it from the bathroom’s wall tile theme. The black tiles show the picture of the aliens and “BOOM” word. There are words “ERROR” in living room’s wall and bathroom either. The designers are so smart because they can design this Space Invaders themed house without being too cheesy.

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