Here Tips for Designing Salon Interior and Equipment Needed

Hair Salon Interior

What is imagined when we hear the word salon interior? Perhaps names like hairdryer, tools makeup, nail art tools, hair care supplies, hair washing place and so will instantly appear in your mind shortly after hearing the word Salon. Yes, it can be predicted that the salon is synonymous with femininity such equipment and supplies. Here we provide tips and inspiring interior design and the latest modern salon.

Salon Interior Organizing Tips

The beautiful salon interior design is as important as beauty itself. Every corner of the salon interior should look attractive. To that end, several things must be considered in preparing the salon interior.

Salon Interior Ideas

Planning the Salon Interior Decorating

Planning is very important in maximizing room service. If you wanted to design a salon interior, then it must be ensured from the outset of the planning matured. You must be observant in sorting out and put up barriers room. You must separate the hair cutting room, facial treatments room, nail care manicure, pedicure and body treatments such as massage and scrubs room. The division of the room will make it easier to divide the interior design and furniture salon that will be used.

Space for Manicure and Pedicure

Nail Salon Interior Design
Nail Salon Interior

Creativity for Salon Interior

Good salon owners are those who have the ability to process design that is consistent with due regard to the function of each room. Salon interior design must fit between the functionality and appearance. You also need to set the ventilation, lighting, and air temperature in the room.

Salon Interior Color Waiting Room

Color Selection

Good salon Interior has a harmonious color. The salon interior should not be designed with the theme of a hit and run. Use colors that complement each other and fit paired, and customize with your salon market segment whether the segment of young, upper class or middle class?

Salon Interior Storage


A storage area in the salon business is essential to ensure goods and equipment to last. For that, you must provide cabinets that hang on the wall to maximize the vertical area. Strive to remain visible part of the floor is empty in order to mobilize the waiters can work well and customers comfort. Use also a curtain between the waiting room, reception and room service.

Salon Interior Lighting 2

Salon Lighting

The salon interior should seek to give the impression of a bright / light. Do not let the salon interior just looks dull and dark. Use a light not dazzling views on some parts. In every corner of the room, you can install the lights flip flop to beautify the room or leave a chandelier with a modern design and tailored to your salon consumer market segments.

Salon Interior Lighting

Electrical Installation

The salon interior without electrical installation really impossible. Because the variety of salon equipment more dominated by electrical equipment. Therefore, the availability of enough electricity can expedite your salon. You may not serve people with modest power, that is when it is used sudden power outages.

Salon Interior Hairstyles

Knowing Salon Equipment

For those of you who have never been to a salon or actually trying to open the salon business, so it’s good to know some of the names of the following salon equipment.

Equipment for ordinary hair such as scissors, combs, and etc.

Beauty salon equipment that is useful to accelerate the drying of wet hair. In the world of the salon, hairdryer often also known by the term blowdryer.

Misteamer are hair steam engine capable of steaming hot and cold-ionic and ozone. This tool is useful for repairing cells damaged hair and enhance the effects of vitamin absorption. Shaped like a chair on which there is the sphere. To use it, you have to sit and some heads in insert or closed with the sphere.

Towel Steamer
Towel warmers towel steamer is shaped like an oven.

Vapozone is a beauty equipment that is useful for the vapor-containing bacterium on the face. This tool shape as closely steamer but had no dots.

Galvanic is a beauty tool that serves as ionization. The purpose of this tool is dumping toxins in the skin.

Sterilizer is salon equipment used to sterilize cosmetic tools.

Well, now you’re no longer lay with the design of the salon interior and salon equipment? At least, you can already imagine what form will the salon interior and equipment needed for it.

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