Unique Interior Design Using Animation

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Have you ever seen an undulating canopy of light when you came to garden party? On the other hand, have you ever seen a sky canopy of perpetually animated light? If your answer is yes, so those are made by Cinimod Studio. Cinimod Studio is a company working in the field of interior design that has advantage in the form of unusual visualization.

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They have made a variety of exceptional interior design. Take the example of Snog Covent Garden that has been implemented in London. A design takes the concept of romantic with some seats that winding under the tree. The concept is actually ever used someone else, but Cinimod Studio makes it more interesting with the addition of an amazing animation. The addition of this animation concept adds interest for visitors. Atmosphere that makes visitors will feel welcome to stay longer. As Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt located at 5 Garrick Street, one of the spots provided is a spot of an apple store dating back to the 1860’s. Interior that they create can be an inspiration for contemporary design that can make progress in the world of interior design.

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If you have ever seen visualization in Alice in Wonderland, then the visualization that they present is the same as visualization which is adopted by visualization of Cinimod Studio. The concept that they use is a form of psychedelic visual graces the white glass wall. The atmosphere that they present is a very unique so anyone who saw it felt unfulfilled. Animated color that they use is also very sharp, so that pampers sight of the audience. The use of attractive colors and placement of unique items make people who see it will be amazed and feel comfortable.

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